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Nahar Books


Nahar Books is an independent publishing house established in 2003 by Reuven Miran, author of novels and short story collections published by some of the leading publishers in Israel. Miran is also a book reviewer for Israel's foremost daily newspaper "Haaretz". He holds a master’s degree in philosophy from the Sorbonne University in Paris and has also translated French, English and Italian works into Hebrew.

Nahar Books is an independent family venture and Miran is joined by his wife Shoshi, an accomplished linguistic and translation editor from French, English and Italian into Hebrew. Nahar Books' mission is to present to the Hebrew reader foundational classic texts relating to all social, cultural and philosophical aspects of human thought. The ongoing struggle to free the human mind from cultural, social, economic and political conditions and constraints serves as the main criterion for choosing the texts.

The books we publish are aimed at all those with an intellectual curiosity who have critical and inquisitive minds and possess a social awareness.

One of Nahar's main goals is to promote social, cultural, and political dialogue within Israeli society and present Hebrew readers with a broader and more penetrating perspective allowing to gain a better understanding of existing conditions. This, we believe, may enable greater public involvement in social and political affairs in Israel and beyond.

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